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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Dear Inner Circle,

Our ambassador, Kylie Kwong, brought her entire team into Wayside yesterday for a talk and walk around Kings Cross with Rob Holt, our Community Educator, who was once on the street. I’m certain the day opened their eyes to a side of this city that could be known no other way, and that I guess would help weld her team together putting most of their problems into a healthy perspective. People who order noodles in our cafe on Friday don’t realise it but they are eating straight from Kylie’s kitchen. We’re a class act here.

Last night getting out of a cab on my way to a speaking engagement, the door flung open quicker than I expected and connected with a flash looking white BMW. It left a mark on the paint but I couldn’t tell if it was a scratch or a mark that might rub off. A woman got out of the flash BMW and I apologised and handed her my card. I told her that if the mark didn’t come off that I’d be glad to get it fixed. She said, “I’ve come here tonight to hear you speak.” I love cars probably more than I should and if I owned a lovely BMW like this one, it would be hard to be gracious about someone damaging it. As the night passed, the BMW owner become more and more gracious. At the end of the night, I gave her a copy of my book and so from a most awkward beginning we ended the evening in mutual admiration and bucket loads of thanks to each other. It could have been a disaster but grace transforms negatives into positives.

First thing in the morning yesterday someone was calling my name as I came down Hughes Street. I didn’t hear this call but Robyn did and and so I stopped and turned to see who it might be. Both my Mum and Dad were deaf as posts at my age and I’m finding that I’m well on the way, but that is another story. The person calling my name was a short woman that I’m certain I’ve never met. By the time she reached me, we were standing on the road in Orwell Lane. She said, “Can I have a hug?” We hugged and she hung on tight. The lady said, “thank you” and because all good things are mutual, I said, “thank you” and she walked away. I uttered only two words and I have no idea what happened in this less than 60 second encounter but I suspect it was significant.

My heart breaks as I read how Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia all refuse assistance to the Rohingya people floating on the high seas in a desperate bid to find safety. Where the hell do our neighbours get the idea that such inhuman treatment is acceptable behaviour for civilised people? The news this morning is that Malaysia and Indonesia have responded with compassion to immediately provide help to about 7,000 people. If only there was a large expanse of land somewhere that was lightly populated and who had enough compassion and leadership in this situation. It makes me wish there was a country that almost had a national anthem that had a line like…”For those who come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share”.

To be captured by the awesome is to be captured. I’m certain there is no psychological trick or act of meditation or prayer that by itself achieves an encounter with the awesome. I’m certain that this is a party that we can only attend by invitation. I’m also convinced that the invitation is always present. We miss it not through any ill will but rather because we’re busy, making arrangements and managing life.

That’s enough, thanks so much for being part of this inner circle,


Rev Graham Long

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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