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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Dear Inner Circle,

“Is that really you?” It’s a funny question and I was so tempted to claim that I wasn’t really me. “Graham Long?” he asked. “Guilty as charged” I replied. “Well I never thought that I’d actually ever meet you even though I’m your friend on Facebook.” The man offered a handshake and introduced himself as “Eddie, the Big Issue seller from Brisbane”. “Gosh” I said, “Are you the Eddie, the Big Issue seller from Brisbane?” It was a fun way to get our warm discussion going. Eddie has always known about Wayside and he follows closely all our posts on Facebook. He came to Sydney partly just to check us out. I gave him a guided tour of Wayside just now. He just loved seeing Aboriginal people with their own space and busy preparing some food. He was blown away by our rooftop garden. It was lovely to hear him begin to wonder about how he could help transport some of our ideas to Brisbane. It gave me a big kick to see how all our staff members greet Eddie with the same dignity we’d afford the Premier or any other person of importance. I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve met Eddie the Big Issue seller from Brisbane and he’s a lovely bloke.

On Father’s Day I was quite touched by how many people claimed me as their Dad. What an honour! My own daughter sent me a message that said, “Without me, this would just be another day for you! You’re welcome.” Although she wasn’t in church, she suddenly appeared for communion, took the bread, gave me a kiss and said, “Happy Father’s Day” and then walked straight out the door again. I love my girl.

Our 8-year-old granddaughter was going to meet her Guides group at Taronga Zoo on Saturday, which meant she slept over with us and we ran her to the zoo in the morning. I advised her to tell her Guide Leader not to take her group to the Ta-wronger Zoo. “You don’t want to go to the Ta-wronger Zoo, darling. Snakes have feathers and the elephants don’t even have trunks at the Ta-wronger Zoo. You need to get your group to go to the Ta-righter Zoo.” My dear girl got the joke and smiled as a consolation prize for me but the expression on her face said, “Of all the grandfathers in the world, I had to get the ‘special’ one”.

“It ain’t right, Rev”. This was the beginning of a discussion this morning that immediately made me wonder if I’d somehow missed something preceding the beginning of our conversation. I’m well used to this now but it took me years to feel comfortable finding my way into a conversation that had apparently already half started elsewhere. “It should never have happened. Someone should have seen it coming and offered some help.” It takes a while to get from the middle of a conversation back to the beginning, in order to find out who we’re talking about and what it is that might have happened. In this case I was being told of a young woman, known to me, who had recently pulled all her upper teeth out with pliers as an act of self-hate. At this moment, I don’t know if this is a true story, although I’m well used to discovering such acts of anger, directed at the self. I’m well used to seeing skin utterly disfigured by acts of violence to the self. I know people who have only sought medical help when there was a fear of bleeding out. In my view, self-harm is more widely practiced and more often in the young, in recent years. Burning the skin, cutting the skin, pulling out nails, and inflicting deep wounds to the skin, especially to parts of the body normally covered from public view. I will be laughed at for suggesting that the popularity of tattooing is not unrelated to this trend of disrespect for the self. I’m old fashioned I guess, but for me tattooing on the face or near the face is a sign of deep distress. Mind you, the pursuit of the perfect body isn’t a lot different from a body that has been turned into a billboard. The objectification of the body is nothing other than evidence that we’ve forgotten how to do community. The trend is away from meeting persons and toward admiring bodies as things or judging bodies as things. The trend is away from knowing you as no thing and toward making the best use of you as a human resource. We’ve peeled the onion endlessly and discovered nothing in the middle. But the middle isn’t in me or you, but between me and you. To know this is to come to life.

Thanks for being part of our inner circle,


Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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