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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Dear Inner Circle,

It's funny how when a new little person comes into your life, you don’t have to redistribute your reservoir of love but rather your heart enlarges and you discover reserves of love you never dreamed about. This week Liz, who has worked with Wayside in a most effective way as our Partnerships Manager, brought in her new baby, Juliette. There is suddenly more to Liz now. There is more to us now too. My heart has also enlarged to include a little boy named Flynn. He’s only four weeks old but he and I were deep in discussion last week. He began to make a little expression of discomfort and so his three-year-old big sister walked up close to me and said in a confidential manner, “He doesn’t like you!”

When I conduct a wedding, I usually try to evaporate briskly and discretely after the ceremony. Often, however, I get caught by people who want to thank me for the ceremony or simply say, “hi”. I think weddings are beautiful, sacred things but can also be quite fun. After an enjoyable ceremony last week I was soon in a huddle with people. An immaculately groomed elderly man shook my hand and said, “I used to be a devout Christian and now I’m agnostic”. I said, “I bet you’re a nicer man as an agnostic than as a devout believer”. It wasn’t what he expected me to say. “Well,” I said, responding to his shocked expression, “real faith has a large dose of ’not knowing’. If ‘devout believer’ means that you were part of a ‘God franchise’ then God, you, me and the world are better served by your agnosticism.” The pursuit of certainty and especially the illusory possession of certainty works against our humanity. In recent days my social media is full of people spitting chips about religion. Lots of people revert to a kind of ‘my little pony’ type philosophy, leaping to the nearest piano to sing, “Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try…” But we’re all being damaged not so much by people who ask religious questions but by those who have arrived at certainty. If history teaches us anything, surely it is that those who destroy the world are those who always seem to know what’s best for it. Certain atheists like Stalin, certain Christians like Cromwell, certain Muslims like Bin Laden all brought suffering upon the world.

My online life is almost as busy as my Wayside life. My email and social media can be both exhausting and fruitful. The message below came to me late last night via social media. It tore my heart out and I couldn’t go to sleep until I found a way to respond without judgement.

"I live for getting loaded or taking pills to go to la la land. Spending all my money on dope but I think it’s worth it. I like to live in my own world. F*** regular life. I want to do what I want to do. Being far from reality because I can’t stand society. This is my world, I just wanna hear the music. I think the whole system sucks. So what’s wrong and what’s right?”

I responded with this. “If you're serious, I'd love to discuss this with you. Everyone struggles with the inner and outer life and everyone settles for some combination. It's a human thing. The problem with too much inner life is that it can be just as brutal and unreal as outer life. The other problem is that too much time in the inner life and you wake up one day and you're 60 and everyone you loved (who lives in the outer world) is dead or gone. Love that I've known you since you were a little girl and love your Mum and family. Graham.”

The more you love, the more love there is to go around. Notice, I said “love” not “fix”. The more you fix, the less love there is to go around. I can’t fix anything but love can put me alongside. It’s often enough to get someone moving by their own volition. Walking out of our café yesterday a young woman called out to me, “Father, can you do this thing”. She gestured with her hand on her forehead. “What?” I asked. “Pray,” she said. I placed my hand on her forehead and prayed, “Fear not, I have redeemed you, I have called you by name and you are mine. When you pass through the waters I will be with you…” She pushed her forehead strongly into my hand. When I was finished she turned her face toward me and said, “Can you say that again slowly”. I repeated the words slowly and carefully. Her facial expression looked sad, burdened, surprised and relieved. “Thanks,” she said. The encounter lasted no more than 60 seconds.

The more you love, the more love there is to go around. This week I nursed Juliette and she looked into my face. I believe we met. This week I nursed Flynn. It’s a pity he doesn’t like me.

Thanks for being part of our inner circle,



Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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