The Chapel

The Chapel

"We're not much like a church, which is fine if you're not much like a Christian"

There are few more radical examples of community than are encountered in our little gatherings on Sunday mornings. You are as likely to sit next to a working girl or someone struggling with addiction, as you are to sit next to an ex attorney general of Australia. Many of the barriers that divide people are fairly effectively dissolved for a time.

We are fairly free of much of the baggage of the church and yet we are a church. We are a people who don't have all the answers, and we find our lack of answers rather liberating. We enjoy each other's company and we remind each other that all of religion is satisfied when love is lived in community. Eucharist is celebrated every week using stale old Wayside bread. It makes the point that the Divine is usually found in the least likely places and that humanity flourishes at its most beautiful when it is mindful of its own frailty.

Everyone in the community is warmly invited to join our services:

Rev Graham Long

The Wayside Chapel Kings Cross
29 Hughes Street
Potts Point NSW 2011

Sunday service at 11am

Rev Graham Anson

The Wayside Chapel Bondi
95 Roscoe Street
Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Sunday services at 9:30am and 3pm

Reverend Graham Long, Pastor and CEO, The Wayside Chapel

Rev Graham Long joined Wayside in 2004 and has become an oracle of Kings Cross. He has been instrumental in creating a 'community of no us and them' at The Wayside Chapel - a place free of judgement where people can come to just 'be'. Each day, Graham is a listening ear tothose on and around the streets of Kings Cross.

Graham trained for ministry from 1979 to 1982. After a few years in church ministry, Graham became a chaplain to Parramatta Prison and he ran a church welfare agency. After ordination, Graham pursued studies in philosophy achieving degrees from Catholic Theological Union and from the Catholic Institute of Sydney. A Masters with honours degree was halted when a near fatal motorcycle accident changed all of Graham's life priorities in 2001.

Prior to joining Wayside, Graham was on a sabatocal as a Postie - he had just learnt to master his little bike when Wayside called him to be their next Minister.

Graham is an accomplished author and speaker. His two books include; Love over Hate: Finding life by the Wayside (2013) and Stories by the Wayside (2011). Graham has been married to Robyn for 40 years. They have a daughter Mandy. Their son James died in 2009.


Reverend Graham Anson, Executive Minister, The Wayside Chapel Bondi

Rev Graham Anson has been on the ground in Bondi since mid-2014, and moved into the area in 2015. Being a mad-keen Roosters fan, he is enjoying being in what seems like his spiritual homeland. Whilst new to the area and to this position, Graham is already finding a niche within the Bondi community and has been a steady rock through a time of significant change.

Graham has been in community-based ministry since becoming a youth worker in Redfern in 1985. Since that time he has had a number of youth worker placements before going into a broader community ministry role at Campbelltown, and then a new initiatives role with the state body of the Church. During this time, Graham was ordained as a Deacon in 2008 and over time has completed degrees in Psychology/Sociology and Theology.

Graham has always had a heart and a special affinity with those outside the church, especially with those for whom the journey has been a bit of a struggle, and a trademark of his ministry has been that everyone is loved, everyone is accepted, no conditions.

Graham is married to Gail and between them they have seven wonderful children and young adult offspring. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his kids and family, rounds of golf, casual coffees, and fervently following the Roosters.

If both Graham's are in the room, and you are trying to get this one's attention, Graham Anson will willingly respond to "G-bogs" – it's a long story.

Jon Owen, Assistant Pastor, The Wayside Chapel Kings Cross

Jon Owen joined The Wayside Chapel in 2016 as an Assistant Pastor based in Kings Cross. Jon is of Sri-Lankan and Indian heritage. He was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and migrated to Australia with his family in the late 1970s. Jon is a qualified Social Worker and for 20 years was a member of UNOH, a Religious Order dedicated to living and serving amongst the poor.

Jon and his wife Lisa have over the years shared their lives and their home with friends and neighbours seeking asylum, refugees, people in recovery, and ex-prisoners. They have lived in a housing commission suburb in Mt Druitt (Bidwill) for 10 years and during that time Jon got to see immense beauty, engage with it and call it for what it is.

Jon is probably most well known for drawing the chook raffle in the mockumentary “Struggle Street”. He has also been involved in chaplaincy work in Juvenile Detention and State High Schools. In this time he has been attacked by samurai swords, seen a battle tank drive past his house, nearly been arrested, and mistakenly sent to immigration detention. Needless to say, he has a story for every occasion.

Jon is excited to be a part of the team at The Wayside Chapel and looks forward to continue creating a “community with no us and them”. As an immigrant, Jon's life is testament to the power of hospitality and he is passionate about working alongside people who are socially excluded as they seek reconciliation, welcome, justice and healing and believes that Wayside's power lies in its proximity to the street.

Jon and Lisa have two daughters through birth, Kshama and Kiera, and one through love, Jazmin.

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