Pathways Project

When the people we support get back on their feet, the first thing they want to do is work or find a meaningful vocation to enrich their life. It may seem like a straightforward step but for people with little or no experience, getting into a job or training can involve a long and bumpy road that often ends in frustration and defeat rather than employment. A little extra help goes a long way.

Building on the success of a youth employment project which ran from 2012 to 2013, the Pathways Project at Wayside now offers support to people across all program areas at Wayside. The project matches people who are ready to move into work or training with organisations that want to make a difference in the community. Mandy Ford-Asbeck, Wayside's Pathways Project Officer, provides intensive support to both the person getting placed in a job or training course and the organisation or educator to ensure the best possible result for everyone.

Wayside is committed to creating more pathways for our visitors and making this program a key strategic initiative for the organisation. Wayside also now employs 11 supported employees (15% of Wayside's total workforce). Our supported workers are any employees who face a barrier to their employment. This barrier could be anything - a mental health issue, a language barrier, or a physical impairment - and many of our supported workers have progressed on their own journeys from visitor to volunteer to staff member.

For more information, view the brochure or contact our Pathways Officer, Mandy Ford-Asbeck, on (02) 9581 9134 or email

The Employment Pathways Project is funded by the Adolph Basser Trust and the Baxter Charitable Foundation (managed by Perpetual Foundation).


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