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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Dear Inner Circle,

Heroin appears to be purer than it has been in recent times with the shocking consequence of overdose and death. A young bloke was with us yesterday, making real progress and expressing hope because he could begin to believe in a constructive path ahead. This morning he died. I sat with staff who openly wept. Apologies were offered to me for the tears, but in truth, if ever what was best about Wayside could be materialised and bottled, it would be those tears.

We take things personally here. If we were losing 'clients', perhaps we’d be less hurt by our losses but when we lose someone, we lose a ‘brother' or a ‘sister'. Another staff member was in my office just minutes ago, struggling to come to terms with this particular loss. He told me that the deceased man had last night asked him for a cigarette on his way home. The staff member roused him for putting him in a situation where he was asking him to break a Wayside rule, but he gave him a cigarette anyway. It was probably his last cigarette. Our staff member may have been off side with our rules but he was right in the centre of wisdom. It’s not often a staff member shares with me that he found comfort in breaking our policies.

A small group of us went to the beach on the weekend to scatter some ashes to honour the last wishes of two people who died in recent months. It sounds rather romantic to have your ashes scattered at a beach but there are some practical considerations that cause the reality to much less romantic than the idea. Large unpredictable waves and strong winds blowing in our faces plus slippery rocks all made this an interesting exercise. At least one of us went home, “dusty”. On our way back to Wayside, a fellow who had been in a foul mood on the way to the beach just poured out his heart. He told us that the task of scattering his friend’s ashes was a most difficult task that weighed heavily upon him. He wanted to honour the wishes of his friend but hated having to face the truth that his friend had gone. On the way home he expressed great relief that he’d completed the task. To my surprise, he said a couple of times that, “a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders”. I just thought he was a cranky pants and it wasn’t until we headed home that I realised that we’d done a very important thing. Thank goodness we formed a little circle on those slippery rocks while I said a prayer and we honoured the two folk that we’d recently lost.

I apologise for the heavy nature of the note this week. Sometimes the way is heavy. One of our volunteers lost her husband this week. He was a pedestrian, knocked over by a car. Our volunteer is a person who delivers grace just through her face. She never has to say anything or do much because grace fills the room and our hearts when she arrives. She volunteers as part of the bacon and egg team on Tuesdays and her husband used to jump in at times when we were short of a hand. Our bacon and egg team will carry this weight for some time. They served burgers again this week with all the usual care and they kept a brisk pace but a message too deep for words was also expressed. Watery eyes and hugs all expressed our willingness but also our great honour of bearing one another’s pain.

There is no fairy floss in our mission yet we still find joy. We do have balloon and streamers moments and we do laugh. A dear man told me that he’s been invited to a formal party and it was his plan to go dressed as a frog. I guess he will be a formal frog. I asked him a bit about his plan and he told me that there is bound to be woman at the party who might think that if she kissed him, he’d turn into a prince. I love this bloke. If you find yourself at a formal party soon and there is a shortish man unusually dressed, I urge any ladies in this inner circle to give him a kiss and see if any magic happens.

Thanks for being part of this inner circle,


PS. There is lots going on in Kings Cross this weekend. We'll be at the markets on Saturday doing the last photo shoot for the next Wayside book. Drop in from 9am to 2pm to have your photo taken. We'll also have a presence at the activities happening as part of the Kings Cross festival on Saturday night and Sunday. Find out more here.

Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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