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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Dear Inner Circle,

First thing in the morning a man was playing a fiddle out the front of our building. I wish there were words that could deliver the shock contained in that sentence. This man didn’t just play; he played in a way that caused everyone – staff, volunteers and visitors – to dance with delight. The power of music is not often witnessed in such raw form. There were no backing tracks and no other instruments involved, just the fiddle and the sound of the man’s foot thumping on the ground. For a while I sat next to him, mesmerised by his skill and enthralled by the transformation he brought to people who had every intention of getting on with their day until they were arrested by joy. After playing one piece I told him that I wished I could pay him to sit and work his magic all day, every day. He said, “I’d be happy if you could give me a free meal”.

Later in the morning the Enigma Quartet set up and played in our cafe. The musical overdose was a bit hard to believe. Enigma is a group of young women who are masters of their musical craft who play classical style music. Even people who have no taste for that style of music decided to find a chair in the cafe and let the music sink into their bones.

A young woman just walked out of my office, who today is celebrating 5 years in recovery. I knew her in her years of addiction when nothing mattered to her more than getting the next hit. I remember nursing her newborn baby with a heavy heart as I pondered what might be ahead for this little boy. The little boy was removed but today, he’s back with his Mum. The woman is married to a lovely man now and she’s working full time, keen to help others who are on the journey that she left behind. Every time I see her, she catches my breath. Yesterday she allowed us to share her “before and after” shot on Facebook. Check it out here if you want to be blown away in a beautiful way.

First thing this morning I sat for a little while out the front of Wayside. The bloke I sat next to asked, “Are you a recovering alcoholic mate?” We'd never met and I didn’t want to embarrass him. “I never feel far removed from the dangers of alcohol” I said, “but I don’t drink much”. A rather lovely face was looking into mine. He said, “I’ve been clean for 6 days and they help me here with support and with a shower and some clothes.” We shook hands and I congratulated him and told him I hope to celebrate day 7 with him tomorrow.

I had a text message at 5.30am this morning from our own dear Laura who had reached Machu Picchu together with Geoff, Jane, Alick, Josh, Amy and Katherine. These folk took this trek for the purpose of raising funds for Wayside. The text message told me that it had been much harder going than anyone anticipated. They’d had rain, hail, snow; they’d been soaked to the bone and all their stuff was sopping; they had to turn back at times when the way ahead was too dangerous, and the way back looked impossible enough. Gosh there are some lovely people in the world and this group, although suffering a good deal, are happy because they’ve found strength in one another and because they know that their effort will make a difference to many people that they’ll never know. They would love nothing more than to find they’d raised even more funds, and you could make their return a blow out of joy by donating here.

Did you ever play “touch you last” when you were a kid? I played that game recently with some Sudanese kids, although they say “Soombalook” as they tag you and then run away. It’s the only word I know in the Dinka language. It’s not a big vocabulary but it’s a handy word to know when in the company of beautiful Sudanese children.

Thanks for being part of our inner circle and Soombalook!


Rev Graham Long

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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