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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Dear Inner Circle,

Last night I spoke to a hall full of psychologists. Three funerals this week and a pile of speaking engagements put me in the mood where I was game enough to challenge the audience. I tried to explain that the increase in our capacity to experience came from the decrease in our capacity to enter into relation. The room was full of young, well-educated, well-travelled, well-heeled people who generally measured the value of their life as the sum of their experiences. But experience is just experience. Experience is located in the self. I can gain experience from anyone or anything. I can experience a person or an ocean but it has no interest in the matter. If a tree or an ocean or a person gives itself to me, somehow I am completed and the completion of the other. You can behold a tree and find a source of shade or see potential furniture or analyse it according to species and type or evaluate its usefulness by fruit yielded or such. In these cases, I experience the tree. I can, however, stand before the tree in wonder. The tree can arrest me in the awesomeness of what it is and I can know it as part of the living fabric of life which I share. The tree can give itself to me in such a way that I am met and changed by the meeting. I cannot say in what way I’ve been changed but I know that I’ve received something, a presence, not hitherto a part of my day. In such a moment of awe, I cannot say how I feel. Soon the moment will be past and I will be able to name my experience but by then the meeting is well over.

After I spoke a lot of psychologists gave me their cards. I think they may have been suggesting that I make an appointment. It was a fun night where I challenged our current orthodoxy and orthopraxy that constitutes both clients and psychologists as lonely. Human beings are hard wired as social beings; there is no such thing as a single human being; the minimum number in a single human unit is at least two. By treating people as individuals there is a real possibility that we cooperate in their ill health. Perhaps we can encounter fish out of water and offer them understanding and mechanisms for prolonging life on the beach while failing to recognise that the fish belongs in water. People can only flourish as people, in community. It’s possible to be comfortable, indeed we’ve become experts at offering every kind of luxury for fish out of water. But the comforts all amount to ways of soothing a psyche in distress because it is alone. Food, lack of food, no exercise, too much exercise, drugs, drink, pokies, things and things and things. These and the like though highly prized are just things. No things can help us flourish as people. Only people can help us flourish as people and people are no things. When we really know and love another, we know no thing. When we don’t know and don’t love, we know everything and everything is our object. When we really flourish, we flourish with others and at our best we discover ourselves to be necessary, significant and not central.

Yesterday I saw a young woman stop breathing four times as our beautiful staff worked to keep her alive. Gosh it’s hard to watch someone who is determined to dissipate their life unto death. It’s easy to blame ice but there is something deeper and sadder than anything that can be attributed to a substance. This young woman was a good looking person and a snappy dresser just 12 months ago. She’s lost nearly all her teeth and the shape of her face has changed. The face of the 30-year-old has been replaced by one that belongs to a tired 70-year-old. It makes me proud to stand with our staff who daily look into this face and not just remember but still see the beauty, completely unrecognised by the owner of the face. We will probably lose this person before Christmas but there won’t be a day when our team relax or accept it. Our John and Una in the Community Services Centre have a gentleness that is tough, persistent, disarming, deep, real and on tap. If we lose this person they’ll weep for her. No one will be interested in measuring those tears or would recognise them as any kind of outcome and yet nothing is more precious to witness.

Forgive me for boasting about this team that I love. I sat in the Café the other day when the crowd spilled out onto the front area and across the road. I had about an hour where I ate with a couple of people who talked my ears off. It gave me opportunity to watch two of our Community Workers in action. Alex and Kate both bring a sense of quiet and calm that almost has to be observed to be understood. Both are so quiet that they’d never claim anything for themselves and yet they are shining stars. I saw our remarkable workers quietly move to the side of every person present. They are masters at what they do. Person after person opened up to them as this gentle presence eased alongside. It was seamless yet professional, non-threatening yet purposeful. We are so lucky to have such angels among us.

Thanks for being part of our inner circle,

Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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