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Community Book Launch of Love Over Hate: finding life by the wayside

You are invited to the community launch of Graham Long's much-anticipated book, Love Over Hate: finding life by the wayside, on Sunday, 4 August at 11.30am.

Join Wayside volunteers, visitors, neighbours and supporters as Graham Long speaks about Lover Over Hate. A book signing will follow the launch.

Part autobiography, part memoir, Love Over Hate chronicles Graham’s journey—from the social worker who became a postman, to the postman who became a pastor—and explores the day-to-day life in Kings Cross.

Within the pages of Love Over Hate you’ll find lessons on humanity and the strength and tenacity of the human spirit. Graham provokes thought and discussion around the notions of love, hate, power and the ‘self’.

Copies will be on sale at the community book launch.

You can also pre-order copies online here. When you buy your copy from this link, 30% of the sale price goes directly to The Wayside Chapel.

Community Book Launch Flyer


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