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Christmas Day Street Party

Our Christmas Day Street Party was a huge success. We shared together in a day that lifted us up and showed people that grace is everywhere to be found. Even the frequent down pours couldn’t wipe the joy off people’s faces.

The day itself was an exercise of massive good will. Our street party simply wouldn’t happen without the dedication of staff and volunteers and the generosity of people and businesses. People gave the gift of time, money or goods in kind. Over 350 people chose to ‘Donate a Plate’ and helped us raise around $15,000 so we could put on Christmas lunch for our nearest and dearest. Volunteers and staff members willingly embraced jobs that carried no glory; people swept, cleaned and cut potatoes for hours on end! These gifts were part of what made the day so wonderful.

For a short moment in time, the distinctions of religious and non-religious, housed and homeless, sick and well, good and bad, dissolved and we were a community with no ‘us and them’.

What a day and what a contribution everyone made toward this rare and wonderful phenomenon. Thank you to everyone who made the day a success and special thanks to the below companies for their donations.

  • Toast Food for 500 mini quiches
  • Pomeroy for two Christmas hams
  • Kylie-Anne from Face Paint World for facepainting supplies for 50 kids
  • Ian Moffatt from Tin-Can Telecom for walkie talkies
  • Cordina Chicken Farms for 500 chicken kebas
  • Tripod Cafe for 200 muffins
  • Fugen for the portaloos, mobile coolroom and the stage
  • Blackmores and Manildra Flour for the ham
  • Serendipity for icecream
  • Inghams for turkey rolls
  • Lindt for chocolates
  • Satu for some towells, underwear, deodorant and gift vouchers
  • Bela for baloons, plastic plates, cutlery, straws, sticking tape, ribbon and wrapping paper
  • McMillan Cards and Paper for cards and Christmas napkins
  • Supply Linq for bon bons
  • Carol and friends for Christmas puddings
  • Renee for facepainting
  • Dave from Sydney Fun Boat for DJing

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