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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Dear Inner Circle,


A 13-year-old boy came to Wayside with his Mum yesterday. He had just completed his Bar Mitzvah and had chosen to give the money raised on the occasion to Wayside. Not only so but he had managed to get a lot of toiletries and other things that we love here and I had the honour of meeting him and accepting this gift. I really enjoyed sharing something of how important a Bar Mitzvah is to a Jewish family and I was keen to hear all that was required of him for the event and what it meant to him. Religious or not, you have to admit that the Jewish people know how to do this rite of passage placing both a burden and a large parcel of dignity onto young, developing shoulders. Thank you Benjamin, “Son of my right hand”. If you keep your faith married to your sense of compassion for humanity, you will indeed be a blessing to your religious community and to Australia.

A rare breed of man sat in my office this morning. I have his permission to tell this story. This is a man with a superior intellect who has made much wealth because of his ability to analyse a situation and then act according to reason. Rare indeed. Most of us use our intellect to rationalise what we have already done. So this fellow has a younger brother who married a woman who is by any measure, narcissistic. He has watched his brother collapse from being a fun-loving fellow to a hollowed-out shell as he attempts to meet the impossible demands of his wife. The brother has gone without many things while the wife has a shoe collection that requires its own room. The bottom line is that my friend, after careful analysis, had decided that his brother should leave his wife. He expressed his view to his brother, and as a result the relationship with the brother is close to collapse. The older brother cannot understand why his younger brother wouldn’t be responsive to the application of his considerable intellect. Once the analysis is made, what possible cause could there be not to act? The older brother was frustrated and cranky that his intellect could not prevail over this situation.

Never come to me if you want counselling. I told the older man that his analysis and his feelings had no relevance to this situation. If his brother loved his wife, the discussion was over. Now the older man was motivated by love for his brother and it hurt him to see the life drain away from his brother. The older brother had to see that his choice was to cut his brother off if he could not bear the pain, or to bear the pain and to keep the door open for the day that his brother might need his support. We’ve forgotten in our day how redemptive is the act of bearing pain. Wounds become wisdom and wisdom in the end, wins. Many times at Wayside, I look into a face and see amazing beauty that is completely unrecognised by the owner of the face. Many times I see someone lose all their teeth in just six months, totally changing the look of their face. Many times I see someone go mad under the influence of some substance. Many times I see someone on a mission to destroy their life and while they are busy throwing it away, there isn’t a thing I can do about it but bear the pain. I often look into faces that think all their problems would be solved if I could only give them $20. There isn’t much more painful than only having love to offer, when only magic is wanted. The danger of working at Wayside is that we might one day cease to feel the pain. The danger is that people would only become problems to be solved, instead of being people to be met. The older brother today may well shut the door on his brother because he cannot bear the pain but he would be wiser to keep the door open and look with love and agony into his brother’s face. One day, maybe, love will trump whatever nasty game is being played. One day, someone will want to live more than they want to hang on to hurt. The “one day” comes. It happens here regularly.

“It’s funny how most conversations around here finish with, ‘anyway’” said a lovely bloke just a few minutes ago. I guess what he meant was, “It’s funny how few people listen to me around here”. We went to the chapel to get away from the competing voices and he told me of serious, even perhaps terminal, medical problems. The problems are so complicated and so serious, that I can see why around here many conversations might finish with, “anyway” as people wouldn’t know how to acknowledge the depth of fear and despair in the man’s voice. On my exit back to my office a skinny little girl threw her arms around me and said, “I love you so much Graham, you’re the best”. “You’re only human,” I said. My mate from the chapel burst into laughter in a way that lifted him and me. So looking over my shoulder to him, I said, “Anyway, I have to get to my office and do some work.”

Thanks for being part of our inner circle,


Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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