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The Wayside Chapel 2015/16 Annual Report

We report on another wonderful year. A year where we spread our mission of ‘creating community with no us and them’ further into the Eastern Suburbs and strengthened our vision of ‘love over hate’.

Read the annual report here: The Wayside Chapel Annual Report 2015/16.

This year, Wayside officially became one organisation in two places. The Uniting Church had confidence that we could supply the governance, management and the heart that would pump new life into Bondi Beach.

While the Bondi and Randwick areas house plenty of wealthy people, you may be surprised to know that they are also the dwelling places of the poor – with double the state average of homeless people. Our planning and reinvigoration of the Bondi site is already allowing us to meet more of these vulnerable people and assist them on their journey to better days.

Next year I plan to report that all of our progress in Bondi is flying but this year I report careful planning, helped along the way by the best professionals in their fields, and the dedication of the finest team of staff imaginable. We’ve grown our reach; increased our staff numbers; and expanded the number of ways we seek to meet people, forming community and helping people who are stuck, to get moving.

Our beautiful logo is an image of a heart. It ought to be animated so that it shows the heart constantly beating. It’s a heart that keeps pounding whether at work or at rest. The heart is the symbol of our passion. It’s a passion that prevents us from looking the other way. It’s a passion that will take risks for the sake of others. Behind the heart are wings, symbols of the heights to which humanity can soar; symbols of a hope that never ceases. This year I report those wings flapping like a hummingbird as we stretch to establish ourselves not just in Kings Cross but across the Eastern Suburbs.

I invite you to read our 2015/2016 Annual Report and take glory in our achievements.

Read it here: The Wayside Chapel Annual Report 2015/16.

You can also watch a video wrap-up of the year at Wayside here.

Rev Graham Long AM
Pastor and CEO
The Wayside Chapel


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