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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Dear Inner Circle,

Golly gosh what a few days it’s been! I had a letter that informed me that I would be named in the Queen’s birthday honours list and that from Monday, I would be entitled to put the letters “AM” after my name. My daughter informs me that I am now officially a morning person. My theory is that the letters stand for “Amazing Mates”. Creating community with no “us and them” is my destiny toward which I move with my whole being. Anything that I’ve ever achieved has been a result of an effort by Amazing Mates. It could be quite misleading to pin a medal on my chest as if there was some kind of singular achievement.

I couldn’t accept an award that asserted individual achievement. If however this award is akin to the athlete that holds the flag in front of a team of athletes as they march into an Olympic venue, then I’m proud to be a leader of Amazing Mates and hold a flag of achievement and pride on behalf of such Amazing Mates.

So glory in this moment you amazing people. Our Board members are all busy people at the top of their professional trees and yet they have given their heart and soul to Wayside and every one of them, past and present, deserves honour. My most amazing team of colleagues, all of whom give themselves to the high cause of community with passion and stunning skill. Our front line workers who every day sit with people in their worst moments, looking for the beautiful sparks that happen when second chances are recognised and new life calls. The whole team who rejoices when one person achieves a small victory and who weeps when a battle is lost. Our 800 volunteers who give their time to be servants of others. The most astonishing talent of both staff and volunteers is their ability to see a person where almost everyone else sees a problem. My adorable Sunday congregation who share my deepest longings and who pause once a week to stop and be captured by the awesome. My amazing mates who live on the street and who know more about resilience than I’ll ever know. To those who have allowed me to stand with them at just the right time and have shared with me and showed me that grace can do what nothing else can do. I often say that I’ve never seen water turned to wine but I’ve seen a few winos turned into husbands and fathers. It is a never ending source of encouragement and inspiration. To you, our inner circle, who have taken time over the years to stop your busy life long enough to read a few paragraphs about what happens here by the Wayside. Our work isn’t for everyone but it certainly is done on behalf of everyone.

This is a good place to acknowledge my most amazing mate of all, Robyn, who has stood by my side for 43 years through good times and bad and embodied the quality by which we can use and measure the validity of the word, “loyalty”. My dear daughter who has absorbed and developed all of what is true and good in her mother. My beautiful granddaughters whose very presence brings me into the very present, taking my breath away and paralysing me with wonder. Some may worry that this honour might “go to my head” and I’ll admit that as a younger man it would have soothed my sense of vanity, but for the past six years my beautiful son has taught me that this life only lasts for five minutes and that I only have one minute left. His death and you might say, his presence with me since his death, has largely freed me from the grip of many things that I once held too tightly. On his deathbed I told him that we’d love his girls and that remains my highest ambition in life and my greatest joy. This exercise of being AM’d is lovely but knowing my end is just 60 seconds away has liberated me from the need for a round of applause.

The outpouring of goodwill toward me and toward Wayside has been surprising in its strength and its volume. I wish there was an adequate way to express appropriate thanks. Our beautiful board member and member of our congregation, Bob Ellicott, ex Attorney General, ex Minister for Many Things, ex judge, having met everyone and done everything, an old Methodist and young revolutionary; phoned me to congratulate me and rejoice in our common history. I said to him, “Bob, I’m a little concerned because I’m supposed be a follower of Jesus and he was never on the good side of the establishment. They never gave him a medal; indeed they crucified him.” Quick as a flash Bob said, “Just be patient, all in good time.” How funny is that?

At the end of this rather outstanding week, I’m grateful beyond words that you are part of this inner circle,


Rev Graham Long

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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