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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dear Inner Circle,

A successful man sat in my office just now. He owns his home and has lived carefully for the past two years on savings. He could exist perhaps another six months on savings but the need to find work is looming as an urgent problem. In the past two years, many of his friends have married or had children and circumstances have evolved so that he is living the life of a recluse. A rather drunk recluse. Sitting with me just now, the man was quite sober but his body twitched and his lips quivered as he made what he thought was an unthinkable observation about himself. “I don’t know why I’m here,” he said. I told him a joke.

The question of ‘why am I here’ is only posed by those for whom no answer exists. It’s a bit like knowing that questions about the meaning of life are only posed by those who are not in love. People who love, simply don’t ask the question. This man didn’t need 'a reason', he needed, 'a connection'. Although he wasn’t expecting a joke, he was soon laughing and we began sharing not just jokes but family stories. He told me after about 15 minutes he was feeling so much lighter. He may have been just keen to get out of the room but I suspect it was a liberating meeting for him. This person, like all of us, is designed to live in connection. We are designed to live in community. He had built something of a cocoon for himself and a thick mental fog had descended upon him. I encouraged him to get involved in volunteering until a job becomes available. Even if he disliked his voluntary role, it would be connection. A real connection doesn’t have to feel good to be healthy.

Last week I told you of a young bloke who has a number of women pregnant. We’ve spoken two or three times but the first serious discussion happened only yesterday. We were leaning on the garden bed near the footpath and instead of him showing off as if these pregnancies were a personal achievement, I was able to ask him about the difficulty that various women must be in right now and more importantly, a number of children who will be born into a situation of a dodgy or, perhaps, no male role model. As we became more serious he said, “I don’t know why I’m so needy.” I stopped him and asked him to repeat his statement. I shook him by the hand and said, “At last, you’re asking the right question.” I told him that I think I was about 50 years old before I asked myself the same question and for me it was a turning point. I became friends with my own frailty and even developed the capacity to laugh at myself. It was the beginning of a life, more satisfying than I had ever imagined when I was ruled by a greedy need for comfort. The young bloke has agreed to see a counsellor that I believe will be effective with him.

A large slice of this city is grieving the loss of Sam de Brito this week. Sam was a journalist whose sharp intellect constantly provided food that nourished Sydneysiders. Sam often phoned me for philosophical discussions. One of our phone calls began with, “So what on earth was Martin Luther’s problem?” Sam wasn’t religious and I think he liked crossing swords with a clergyman. We developed a deep mutual respect. He’s the only bloke who has ever spent time with me in delight over the philosophy of Boethius, born in the 5th century. Our chats gave me life and I will miss Sam. My heart aches for his family whose loss cannot be measured.

An intelligent, likeable, energetic young man who we recently helped move from the street into housing is bursting to life like a flower that suddenly opened to capture us all with its beauty. He’s keen to find a clarinet. He often plays the piano in our chapel and he’s clearly gifted but he told me he’s really keen to take up the clarinet as it was a childhood ambition. I believe such things are expensive and I don’t want anyone forking out for an expensive instrument but if someone had an old instrument that needs some work but would do the job, I’d be pleased to give it a new home.

Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do and thanks for being part of this inner circle,


PS. We're currently looking for a Pathways Worker to create and facilitate vocational, recreational, education and employment pathways for visitors. Find out more here.

Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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