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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Dear Inner Circle,

“Grandad! Hey Grandad!” A voice was calling me from across the road when I walked into the building this morning. I get called lots of things but rarely, “Grandad”. I abandoned my journey into the building and walked across the road. A rather young woman stared at me as if I should know her. “Look at my face,” she said. An awkward moment followed as I wondered whether to look surprised to see this face finally recognised or whether to be honest about my complete lack of recognition. “See,” she said, “I’ve had a shower and put on some make-up.” “Ah,” I said, deciding to fake it, “You’re looking good.” She went on to explain that she’s only been a couple of days out of a long rehabilitation program and she was full of optimism of a path ahead, free of drugs. I could easily share the joy of this achievement without faking it and I stressed how helpful I thought it would be if the young woman could speak with our Pathways Officer Mandy, who is the world’s best at helping people move from thinking about better paths to actually walking on better paths.

Our growing team of supporters never cease to amaze me. This week we brought on another ambassador to Wayside’s ranks, the fabulous Elizabeth Wymarra. Elizabeth has been a passionate supporter of The Wayside Chapel for many years, and grew up just down the road from us in Woolloomooloo. She has a diverse background as a writer, director, producer and actor across film and TV (including writing and acting for ABC’s AACTA award winning show, Black Comedy) and for many years has also been a youth worker in the community services sector. She is passionate about Aboriginal issues, human rights, and creating community. We’re thrilled to have her joining our other Wayside Ambassadors, David Wenham, Claudia Karvan, Indira Naidoo, Kylie Kwong and Jason Grant – each one of these people are captured by the awesome vision of creating community with no ‘us and them’ and it’s an honour to have their support.

Sitting opposite me was a fellow yesterday, clearly under a dark cloud. His shoulders were stooped and his eyes were mostly downcast even though he was dressed well and looked to be a fit man. He told me how he’d struggled to feel better about himself but that nothing was working. He said that he’d “tried being kind to people,” but it left him drained. He even said that he’d “tried prayer but that didn’t work either.” I couldn’t help but laugh. It wasn’t entirely appropriate or sensitive but it was nevertheless one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while. In due course it became obvious that he had good reason to be in a season of grief. Actually, I’d say it would have been most odd if he felt ok after the losses he’d recently suffered. But I laughed because to be kind to someone in order that they make you feel better is not kindness. And to pray so that God will become a means to some end, isn’t prayer. Kindness is kindness when there are no strings and prayer is prayer when words run out and you want nothing. My friend was greatly relieved to hear me use the word “grief” which made a penny drop. Having a familiar word to use gave him permission to be ok about feeling poorly. He forgave my inappropriate laughter and gave me permission to share this story.

After the Mardi Gras last Saturday, we gathered for another day by the Wayside. A group was exchanging the kind of banter that seems to start most days, when four naked men walked up the road. They stopped and chatted with some of our folks as if there was nothing remarkable about four stark naked men taking a walk up the road. The encounter was friendly and brief. One old fellow with a dry sense of humour had not been part of the banter but rather observed quietly as if he’d just watched the landing of aliens. He noticed that I was watching him so he smiled and said, “We’re a broad church!”

Thanks for being part of this inner circle,


Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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