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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Dear Inner Circle,

To sit in my office is sometimes an act of significant courage. A big strapping man sat with me this week and struggled to tell me of his childhood. He was brought up in a string of religious children’s institutions where fear and brutality were constantly present. Over the years he’s hated anything that had the mildest sniff of religion because it just wakes up memories of loathing. An ocean of resentful feelings filled the room and yet he was bewildered that he had come to a minister to talk and seek understanding. He told me at one point that in those years, most of the beltings he received were from ministers. He told me how he had come to a church service once with his socks turned down. It was against the rules and the minister thrashed him and sent him to spend the morning in the toilet. My heart broke. I could see the little boy as I was hearing the story.

I once would have tried to explain away the violence against children perpetrated in our culture and especially that of religious institutions. I used to tell myself that those who ran such places meant well or that the world was different then. But brutality is brutality no matter the ideology or theology of the brute. We’ve been shocked in recent years by a Royal Commission exposing our blindness to the sexual abuse of children, but as hard as it might be to contemplate, all of this was a subset of a more brutal history.

The good news is that the beautiful man who sat in front of me this week is beginning to wake up to the contradictions of his cancelled childhood and find a destiny that names the past brutality for what it really was. He’s not blaming himself anymore and he’s learning a love that has no fear and wishes no one ill. He’s putting distance between himself and the church for now even though some of his family still try to feed fear into him. They tell him that he’s losing his salvation when clearly, he’s gaining it. For the first time in a long life, he’s finding a faith and walking a path that to now, was unthinkable. I was stunned and honoured that he could talk to me and I hope we travel together for a long way ahead.

Yesterday walking into the building I saw a guy standing on the footpath that I think has been on the same spot for a few days. I walked up and asked if he was ok. “I’m waiting for me missus,” he said. “It seems like you’ve been waiting a long time. How late is she?” I asked. “Two days,” he said. This morning I saw him eating in the café and so I asked him if he’d made contact. “Yeah,” he said. “She’s in hospital with gallstones”. Most poor people have mobile phones, but not all. This man had no phone and no way of knowing why his partner was unable to leave a country town and meet him as arranged. I could see significant anxiety had left his face now that he knew what was happening.

The inner circle note didn’t go out last week due to technical issues. If you want to catch up on it, you can read it here.

Thank you so much for being part of our inner circle,


Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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