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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Dear Inner Circle,

A four-year-old girl stood next to her mother who had come to see me about a relatively trivial matter. The face of the little girl! Anger, fight, sadness and resentment all were clearly present in the face of this baby who clearly didn’t want to be in the room. I knew this little girl, somehow. My heart leapt from my chest at my first glance. This meeting happened many years ago and today, this little face is still with me. She didn’t speak and I’m not sure she could speak. She made noises. She seemed to be keeping her hands behind her back. “What’s going on with this little girl’s hands?” I asked. The mother pulled one of the hands to the front to reveal burns in the pattern of clear concentric circles. The little hand was dreadfully blistered. I could only imagine these burns came from a stove cooktop. I looked with horror to the mother’s face and she said, “She tells lies!”

I tell you that story because I’ve just been similarly captured by another face that will no doubt live with me to my dying day. Today I met a young person, perhaps in their late teens or early twenties and we struck up a conversation about gender identity. The words we exchanged were of peripheral importance to this meeting. Speaking was difficult, a stammering mixed with the sounds that a toothless mouth makes when forming words. But the face! Parallel lines met today. I know nothing of the backstory and yet I know everything. I lost something today. I lost all the things that I was worried about on my way to Wayside today. I lost my health issues; I lost the agenda of my next executive meeting; I lost the philosophy that I’d read last night, but I didn’t lose me. Actually, I found me in this precious face, contorted by hurt and yet with warmth and presence. My contribution to this meeting was nothing and everything. I gained nothing and everything.

A gorgeous old fellow was departing this week to enter rehabilitation in relation to his gambling issues. We sat at a table in the Wayside Café in a circle of four or five mostly young men. My old mate told us that he’d be in rehab for about the next nine months. All at the table were shocked at the length of this commitment and they began joking about whether our old mate would go the distance. They decided to run a book and gave long odds on the fellow staying the whole course. We shouldn’t have laughed at this turn in the conversation but no-one was offended, least of all our brother with the gambling addiction. We love him and wish him well.

A small video was sent to me today from another lovely man who has been in rehab for the past month to deal with his use of heavy drugs. The impact of a life turned is immediate, surprising and welcome. Addictions of all kinds promise so much and deliver so little. I can hardly wait to throw my arms around this dear young brother who has come to life. In the clip, our mate talks of working hard but also eating in a healthy way. To make his point, he even lifts his shirt to reveal his bare belly, rounded for once and the healthiest it’s looked in some time.

We’re celebrating Youth Week. We like to think that young people are mostly spared the harsh realities of life. We like to think some carefree and fun years are quarantined for the young – alas there is nothing fair about this playing field called, “life”. I often try to escape down the back stairs at Wayside, so I can slip out to a meeting unobserved. I have to walk directly past our youth space and it’s always a sensory experience. The smell of bacon and eggs cooking mixed with the sound of washing machines running at full speed and the sight of our dedicated youth workers helping people through the complexities of addiction, mental health issues and family breakdown. It’s a space that is truly alive and I’m grateful to have a place where young people can be nurtured when all other supports have fallen down around them.

Thanks for being part of our inner circle,


Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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