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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Dear Inner Circle,

Some faces have a way of reaching right into your heart. This morning such a face made time stand still. In an instant, I saw the whole world in the light of the face of an Aboriginal man. He carried the history and pride of his people, present in his face. A gentle and softly spoken man who is normally slow to make eye contact, this morning he walked right up to me with his hand out. “Welcome back,” he said. “I made you this bookmark.” He handed me a knitted woollen thread, made in Aboriginal colours. I’ve been away for a month and I couldn’t hope for a better homecoming than this.

At the front door this morning a young fellow stood, looking a bit lost. He was doing his best to look as tough as possible. His head was shaved leaving a strip down the middle, mohawk style. His body was moving as if he was trying to avoid punches while his head remained steady. He was smoking heavily so that his head remained in a permanent cloud and through the haze his eyes managed to appear both penetrating or perhaps threatening, yet at the same time rather vague. I shook his hand but I wanted to put my arms around him. “I haven’t seen you for at least a year,” I said. “I’ve been in gaol,” he replied. “Wow”, I said, “Are you keen now to make a new path?” “If the cops leave me alone,” he told me. “I came close to punching a cop this morning”. It’s impossible to unpack years of suffering in just a few minutes. I told him that no one wanted to attack him here at Wayside and so he didn’t need to be a tough guy here. I told him that I’d been away for a month and spoke about some of the places I’d been visiting. He grunted like he was bored with our conversation but showed mild interest when I told him that I’d been to Auschwitz. I asked if he’d like to see some of the photos on my phone and he actually said yes. That’s my breakthrough for the morning. It’s not exactly life changing but it was a softening in a hurting young man and it was real. I’ll go down as soon as I’ve written this and show him some photos.

Also at the front this morning was a group of four men and one woman who were glad to see me back at Wayside. I knew two of the men but the other three were strangers to me. They explained that they were all sleeping rough but that they’d formed a supportive bond and each was looking out for the others. It looked like they were genuinely protecting the woman in a way that kept her from the many dangers that exist for a woman sleeping rough. They were all white except for one Aboriginal man. He was a quiet man and he looked a little worse for wear. He had a long beard and a face that carried some injuries and yet he exuded a gentle and kind nature. The other four clearly loved this fellow and they all addressed him with deep respect as, “Uncle”. In a moment that didn’t seem to make much sense in the context of our discussion, the Aboriginal man broke into a chorus of, “I like to move it, move it.” Everyone burst into laughter and all four affirmed how much they loved their companion.

So, I’m back. I’ve been to France, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Switzerland in the past month. The last two inner circles were written from Europe and sent out from Wayside. It was such an unexpected honour to see so much of the world and it’s wonderful beyond my capacity to express, to have a place and a community to whom I belong and with whom I’m keen to share life. My precious daughter, my precious granddaughters, my beautiful woollen bookmark; precious in the world is Wayside and the team of people who make it what it is; these are the things I value above all else and it’s good to be home.

And, precious indeed is this inner circle, thank you.


Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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