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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Dear Inner Circle,

It is a great honour to announce that Monday marked the official release of Wayside – our iconic new coffee-table book that reaches into the soul of Sydney and showcases the depth and diversity of the people who call this city home. Wayside is a beautifully curated portrait of our community; it’s a book where everyone is a person to be met, not a problem to be solved. The stunning photography is by Gary Heery and the book is lovingly designed by Andrew Henderson. It features stories from the streets of Kings Cross, along with four letters I’ve written to people who have transformed in front of my eyes. Wayside has long been a place where love famously meets hate. We operate at the pointy end of humanity with some of the most difficult souls in the world but there is beauty to be found if you have the eyes to see it. Buy this book and drink it in. It is kindness, captured in a book and it shows on every page that there is a better way. We have a special offer for our dear Inner Circle readers - the first 100 copies ordered online here will be signed by yours truly. The book is also available in our Wayside Op Shops in Kings Cross and North Bondi and would make the perfect gift for Christmas.

We are witnesses to something of a seismic cultural shift. Overnight, many of you have become prophets. A prophet is a person who fights with a feather, calling things by their real name. Prophets are often seen as odd and even at times, disagreeable. America has declared something of a rebellion against a system that enriches the few and squeezes the many. America has shifted in the attitude that has, for many years, made them something of a global policeman. Given their dismal performance in this role, it might be a good thing. America has a rare opportunity to think and act differently about the biggest issues of our day. Whether the new President is up to this task, no-one knows. What we can say with certainty is that the world has changed, especially for those who believe that the welfare of all is contingent on the welfare of the least. We have become people who must swim harder against the tide. African Americans, Hispanics, women, refugees, those who are both poor and ill, are going to need the voice of some prophets now more than ever. Better to be an odd and disagreeable prophet than a dead loss.

This week, another wedding happened that lifted me and inspired me. I’ve not been the same since. I don’t remember when I’ve been quite so proud to be part of Wayside. Our rooftop filled with men wearing suits and women who were dressed to perfection. Some women had flowers braided into their hair. The whole gathered community had such love for the bride and groom that the atmosphere touched everyone deeply. People had travelled from all over the country to be a part of this moment. Children often possess the most wisdom in any crowd and at this gathering some ran around with joy, occasionally urged to calm a little by loving adults. Some children were crying with joy. I put my arm around a seven-year-old boy because he looked upset. He told me, “I’m OK, I’m just happy.” There were a few older girls who saw him and took him under their wings, loving him and letting him express his tears while assuring him of their closeness and affection for him. If he wasn’t only seven years old, I’d say this boy had his head screwed on pretty well.

My heart is still full as I type. I saw a dozen of our staff and volunteers work together to make sure this wedding was the classiest event of the year. Two particularly creative people decorated the place with such taste, our rooftop would have fitted into a high fashion magazine. One of our staff took an annual leave day to cook and gave lots of other personal time to make sure the food was of the finest quality. The wedding happened in the evening and staff members stayed late to make sure wedding guests were ushered to the rooftop with warmth and efficiency. Staff and volunteers gave of their own time to organise every aspect including food presentation, acting as waiters as well as the less romantic jobs associated with cleaning up. Volunteers worked with joy, staff gave their time and counted it a privilege. This was an Aboriginal wedding and the groom was our own William, who works alongside Mon with our busy and unique Aboriginal community. William and Mon in a day often assist up to one hundred Aboriginal people and they serve with energy and patience that is beyond most but for this occasion, everyone wanted to serve and honour Will and his bride, Ashleigh.

Thanks for being part of this inner circle,


Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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